One thought on “小作文造句练习:场景描述”

  1. My take:

    1. I see…
    Lifeboat, wave, storm, stormy weather, misty sea, a raft

    2. FSHT
    salty mist, crashing wave, trembling boat, deafening wave

    (Role: captain of the lifeboat)
    On receiving the ‘SOS’ call, we set off at once. The raft is just a tiny dot, trembling up and down in the between the mountainous wave.

    Soon our boat is tested! The stormy sea violently throws our ‘RNLI Lincoln’, to the peak of wave then thrusts it mercilessly off a 5 story high gully.

    The harness ropes stretched, pulling my body away from the steering when the boat takes a nose dive. The engine is roaring, but I couldn’t hear it in the deafening crashing waves. My mouth is filled with salty mist, but I can’t taste it. I have my heart in my mouth when the boat once more crashed onto the colossal wave.

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